read on to see how wheeldog came to be....

Contrary to other dogs with wheels out there (and you know who they are), Wheeldog did not lose his back legs, he was BORN without them…..

Born with Wheels

…causing his mother to speculate about her past….

Did She Love a Bicycle?

Originally his wheels were thick, like a dune buggy, in order to prop up his tiny infant-puppy body…

Baby Buggy Wheels

…which didn’t always help him when he experimented with his surroundings.

Falling Down

His brothers and sisters used him for their amusement.

Pushed Around by Brothers

At an early age he also discovered he did not have what is commonly known as a “bark”, or indeed any vocal cords at all…..

No Voice

One by one his siblings were adopted, as puppies often are…

Adoption of Brothers and Sisters

…yes, one by one.

The Last One

Until there was one left. The DIFFERENT one.

Undaunted, and full of spirit, Wheeldog set out from home, in search of a life…

…and came upon New York City.